July 14 2024
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About us

Easy Auction Japan is a website that enables non-Japanese speakers and/or people who do not live in Japan to find and purchase products on Japanese stores websites and bid on products securely on Japanese online auction sites.

There are an incredible variety of products on Japanese auction sites and online shopping sites: from collectibles, toys, comics, DVDs, animation celluloid pictures (cel), video games, to clothes, bags, electronics, musical instruments, car and bike parts......the list goes on and on.

When it comes to bidding on Japanese online auction sites through EAJ, our site allows you to place the bids directly by yourself immediately at any time day or night rather than having you send a request to us to place a bid for you. This puts you more in control and gives you a better chance to win the product.

After you have purchased a product or won an auction, we have the product shipped to our warehouse in Japan and then we will send it to you. And if you order or win more than one item from different stores or sellers, we can combine those purchases at our warehouse into one box and save you money on shipping.

If you create an account with EAJ, you can enjoy online shopping and auctions on Japanese sites right away.

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How EAJ Works