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Nonmailable Articles in International Mail

2011-11-12 22:54


Recently, there is an emerging concern on lithium batteries or perfumery products sent through the postal channel. Besides, more cases involving failure to provide truthful or detailed description of mail contents on the customs declaration form have been found. To avoid delay or return of mail due to non-compliance with relevant requirements, senders should note the following:

  1. In accordance with the requirements of Universal Postal Union, International Civil Aviation Organization and International Air Transport Association, all dangerous articles such as perfumery products and lithium batteries are not admissible for posting by air mail (including Speedpost).

  2. Senders must provide a detailed and truthful description (i.e. details, quantity and weight or volume, etc.) of mail contents on the customs declaration form. Generic terms such as food, sample, cosmetics, electronic accessories and toy accessories are not acceptable. For cosmetics and liquids, the specific name and quantity/volume should be stated in detail, e.g. lipstick 1 no., eyeliner 1 no., foundation cream 1 no., skin toner 100 ml, shampoo 100 ml, etc.


Japan Post will no longer be accepting packages that contain lithium batteries.


The batteries have been classified as dangerous, leading the International Civil Aviation Organisation to enact more stringent controls. This follows on the exploding laptop batteries debacle of 2006, prompting a recall, and further recalls in 2008 and 2009.

Lithium batteries may still be sent by road, but only if they are lithium-ion and rated for two grams, 100-Watt-hours or under.


Pls read carefully below link pages and do not place a bid on Nonmailable Articles in International Parcel.









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