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Information for the Bidding Reservation System of EAJ

2009-10-15 09:00

                  15-Oct. 2009

  The Easyauctionjapan Bidding Reservation System could bid for you last minutes before the end of the

  You don’t have to wait until the final moments of the auction for placing Snipe bids.

  We recommend the Bidding Reservation time at least 6~10 min before the end of the auction for the
  possibility of bidding success and  prevention of automatic time extension of the auction.

  Once the reservation confirmed, it is not possible to cancel.

  The bidding time and price is able to change for the same product, and the most recent reservation will 
  be final of  your decision.

                                                                                          Thank you for choosing EAJ.

                                                                                          Have a Wonderful Day!


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