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What can I do if I did not receive my email confirmation for registration?

2009-08-26 18:28

Q. What can I do if I did not receive my email confirmation for registration?


Within 24 hours of completing your registration, usually much sooner, you will be sent a confirmation email. If you did not receive your confirmation email, we recommend that you check the "Bulk" or "Spam" folder in your email to ensure that it was not automatically filtered to that folder by your email service. To help insure prompt delivery of your email confirmation, please add infoeaj@easyauctionjapan.com to your address book.

Additionally, you may want to easyauctionjapan.com to your “allowed” senders list so that we can send you confirmation emails and information regarding your future transaction. Instructions for adding us to this list, if possible, can be given by your email provider.

Yahoo mail: If an email you wanted in your Inbox happens to land in your Bulk folder, let Yahoo know by opening the message then clicking the "Not Spam" button.

AOL mail: Use "Mail and Spam Controls" to add us to your "Customer Sender List". You can add our domain of easyauctionjapan.com to make sure you receive your confirmation.

Especially, AOL mail  do not accept our easyauctionjapan's mail, we don't Know how to resolve this problem.  PLS do not use AOL mail for your registration of EAJ.

If you don't receive your confirmation email, you can also email our support staff at infoeaj@easyauctionjapan.com and ask us to resend the confirmation email and we will be happy to do so.


Thank you.

EAJ Customer center


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